Immediately Share Your

Photos and Videos

• Custom Background Frames on Photos

• Create FUN Boomerangs to Share

• All media texted directly to guests

for immediate access

Photo Booth Services Focusing

on Sharing Your Special Night Socially

Social Share Photo Booth allows you and your guests to immediately share photos, videos and boomerangs to social media platforms. Each comes with a custom background frame (and #hashtag of your choosing).


Photos with a custom background frame for your special night, texted immediately to guests instead of print outs.  If you have a unique #Hashtag for event it will also be included in text (or custom frame). Props can be provided or use your own for a themed event.


Boomerangs work by taking a short, super fast burst of 12 photos and stitching them together into a mini-video (gif) that plays forward and backward and forward and backward and – well you get the idea.

text delivery

Your guests have immediate access to their photos and boomerangs by imputting their cell phone number.  They recieve a text with media so they can share your event right to social media.

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